Happy Toddlebike2 Launch Day!

This morning the Toddlebike2 is officially launching in the UK. Several toddlers were chosen to take part in the launch event and we are thrilled that my toddler is one of them! She was given the important task of testing out the Toddlebike2 in advance of the launch and we are excited to have the opportunity to review it.

Two weeks ago, a huge parcel arrived in the post for my toddler.

She couldn’t wait to open it …

… and get her hands on her brand new Toddlebike2!

The Toddlebike2 is suitable for toddlers aged 18-36 months and is a pre-balance bike. It is available in three colours: Racing Red, Midnight Blue and Pinky Pink. We opted for Racing Red.

my toddler took to her Toddlebike2 straight away and immediately got the hang of moving forwards on the bike.

It is easy to steer and she was able to manoeuvre easily around the room. Initially, she preferred to sit on the cross-bar but soon learned that she could still grip the handlebars while sitting back in the seat.

She found it tricky to get on and off the bike by herself, but her confidence in her ability to do this has really improved.

One of the appealing features of the bike is that it is super lightweight, weighing approximately 0.8kg – around four times lighter than most balance bikes. my toddler immediately set about testing out this claim for herself and found that she could lift it with ease.

This means that the bike is easily transportable, and it was simple to pop it under the buggy/clip it on with a buggy hook to take to the park, although since the temperatures have dropped we have not been able to use the bike outside as much as we would have liked. my toddler toppled over a couple of times while getting used to it, but the bike is so light that she was able to get back up easily and lift the bike into an upright position by herself.

The Toddlebike2 is very hard-wearing and can be ridden on a range of terrains from mud and grass to carpets. We’ve taken ours out into the garden and my toddler has enjoyed steering it around.

Even better for mummies, it is also very easy to clean!

The Toddlebike2 has quickly become one of my toddler’s favourite toys. It has really helped to develop her confidence on a bike, and she can move quite quickly on it, so it is great to take out on short trips. It’s helping to build up her independence, as she can use it at times when she would usually go in the buggy.

The Toddlebike2 comes with a three year guarantee and can be bought at John Lewis or on Amazon.

We would highly recommend the Toddlebike2 to anyone looking for a sturdy, safe and fun first bike for their little ones. It would make a perfect Christmas present for your toddler!

Thank you to the wonderful Jo Hockley for letting us try out this fantastic product and we wish you every success with the launch!

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