Let It Snow!

My toddler and I were so excited to wake up on Sunday morning to a good covering of snow on the ground. My husband and I couldn’t wait to show my toddler the snow out of her bedroom window and she was enthralled to see it.

After breakfast we wrapped up warm and headed out into the garden. At first, my toddler was a little hesitant, as the snow practically came up to her knees. However, she was soon very excited by it and couldn’t wait to explore the snow-covered garden.


Together we all built a snowman, using my toddler’s bucket to scoop up the snow and pile it high to create the body of the snowman.

We used a carrot for the snowman’s nose, stones for his eyes and raisins for his buttons.

My toddler loved scooping the snow into her bucket using her spade. She also enjoyed dragging her plastic rake through the snow.

Child on sledge

However, her favourite moment of the morning was when we got the sledge out of the shed and pulled her round the garden on it.

Overall, my toddler loved her first experience of playing in the snow. We would love to hear how your little ones enjoyed the snow and we hope you had lots of fun!

Cat walking on snow

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