Toddler Art and Craft Activities for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an important event in our house, as it was the occasion of my first date with my husband. This year, I decided to create some toddler-friendly Valentine’s Day art and craft activities for Jemima. All of these would make fantastic homemade Valentine’s Day cards.

1. Tissue Paper Heart

First, cut a heart shape out of A4 paper or card. The easiest way to do this is to fold the paper in half, draw half a heart and then cut it out.

This ensures that both sides of the heart are even. Next, tear some red and pink tissue paper into small pieces and put into a paper bowl.


You may wish to cut each piece of tissue paper into a heart shape, but we found torn up bits worked well. Finally, hand your toddler the paper heart, the Pritt Stick and the bowl and watch as they have lots of fun sticking the tissue paper onto the heart.

Jemima loves using glue so she thoroughly enjoyed this activity.


You could stick this heart onto a piece of A4 card folded in half to create a beautiful handmade Valentine’s Day card, or you could keep it as it is.


2. Foil Painted Heart

For this activity, give your child a piece of foil about the size of a piece of A4 paper and allow them to paint it with pink and red paints.

When it is dry, cut out a heart shape using the method described for the Tissue Paper Heart activity.


Carefully stick it onto a piece of A4 card folded in half to create a pretty and original Valentine’s card.


3. Painted Letters

Give your toddler a piece of A4 paper, some pink and red paint, paint brushes, stamps and any other painting utensils you have, and allow them to create their own special piece of artwork.

Jemima loved doing this so much that she covered about 5 sheets of A4 paper.

However, she did get quite messy in the process!


When the paintings are dry, choose one and cut out the letters ‘LOVE’ (or another appropriate word) from your child’s painting. Finally, stick the letters onto a piece of A4 card folded in half to create a personalised Valentine’s Day card for a loved one.


Alternatively, you could get your toddler to paint straight onto a folded up piece of card. This was my favourite of Jemima’s paintings and we have kept it to pin up as we thought it was so lovely:


4. Love Heart Cookie Cutter Printing

This is a simple and fun activity for your toddler. You will need heart-shaped cookie cutters.


If you do not have these you could always cut some potatoes into heart shapes to print onto the page. Pour pink and red paint onto paper plates, then your toddler can dip the cookie cutters into the paint and print onto the page.

Here is Jemima’s finished print:


We hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day this year, however you may be celebrating. Please let me know how you got on if you made any of these for your nearest and dearest.

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19 thoughts on “Toddler Art and Craft Activities for Valentine’s Day

  1. I love the card making idea, my little lady would love this! She is sooooo into her arts and crafts at the moment so im going to see if I can get organised and get some bits to do something similar. What a great idea, thanks for sharing 🙂 Emily #bestandworst

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