How to choose children’s bicycle seat?

A bicycle is a convenient means of transportation for short and medium distances. The use of cycling includes daily trips for work and other business or just cruising around the area. A comfortable bicycle is equipped with numerous devices for the convenience of daily use. Various bicycle seats and bicycle trailers allow you to transport children from a very young age. Currently, there is a wide variety of bicycle seats.

How to choose a bicycle seat for a child to ensure safe transportation of the child?

Children’s bicycle seat is made of a steel frame and has proven safe materials (non-toxic plastics). This seat is specially designed for a comforable bike ride with your young children. Models differ by manufacturer’s brand and ways of how the seat is installed on a bike.

The main installation spots are:

• the pin under the saddle;

• bicycle frame;

• bicycle carrier.

Saddle on the bicycle handlebars

This modification is connected to the steering tube or to the front triangle. Such a bicycle seat is suitable for low-speed riding for small distances along bicycle trails, or any other roads with a flat surface.

Ways of installation:

• front upper pipe;

• lower front pin;

• body of the steering gear.

Advantages of the front saddle:

• Convenience in control;

• There is the possibility of constant monitoring of the child;

• Optimal visual view of the child;

• Lightweight design;

• Increased protection from pinching of the child’s feet between the spokes of the wheel;

• Adjustable seat belt;

• Ventilation opening;

• Increased depreciation;

• Free trunk.

Also, it is worth noting that the front bicycle seat is chosen for a bike with a rear shock absorber.

Disadvantages of the front saddle:

• Reduced safety for possible accidents and falls;

• Lack of pedaling comfort to a cyclist;

• The bicycle is narrow and firm, what brings discomfort for the child;

• Can withstand up to 15 kg.

Installation to the seat pin

Rear bicycle seat is attached to the pipe under the saddle – this is the most popular version of the child seat. It is attached with a special lock inserted into the ends of the suspension pins.

The main advantage is full depreciation: the seat is always suspended. For the installation of the seat, no additional fastening elements are required, in order to acquire a suitable chair; only the exact dimensions of the diameter and shape of the pin under the seat are required. It is considered the best option for safe and comfortable transportation of the child.

Main advantages:

• Available cargo transportation up to 23 kg;

• Easy to install / dismantle;

• Increased strength;

• Fixing the back of the seat;

• There is a compartment for the helmet;

• Presence of ventilation;

• Ease of planting;

• Universal – suitable for many modifications of the bike;

• Reliable depreciation;

• Can be used instead of the trunk.


• Only side views are available;

• Lack of tracking without special rear-view mirrors;

• Can not be installed to a bicycle with rear shock absorbers, as this may damage the parts.

Installation to the trunk

The seat installed on the trunk is suitable for flat dirt tracks and bicycle paths. It is mounted on the trunk box, so this type of chair can only be installed on a sturdy system. It is considered a simple and universal tool with a single minus – a complete lack of depreciation.

Advantages of fastening:

• Withstands a physical weight of up to 25 kg;

• Suitable for most cycling modifications.


• Absence of depreciation;

• Low degree of comfort and safety of the child.

If there is a question of which bicycle seat for children to choose on the bicycle, you can buy a universal seat complete with parts for attaching to the trunk and seat post.

Design of the bicycle saddle

Universal design of the bicycle seat:

• Side protective barriers;

• Adjustment of the passive safety device;

• Soft laying on the entire seating area;

• Adjustable footrest;

• Belt for fixing feet;

• An arc of attachment to cycling;

• Adjusting the angle of inclination with additional holes in the back of the seat;

• Equipped with a system to adjust the height of the backrest.

Required accessories for protection

There are three common degrees of safety for a child’s bicycle seat:

  • Belt that fixes the pelvic area of the child – strapping to the bicycle seat with additional plastic clips for the legs.

When falling, there is a risk of injury to the upper and lower extremities.

  • Foot fastener – the child is fastened to the bicycle seat with a special belt, the legs are located on the step.

If you fall, there is a risk of injury to your hands.

  • Full fixation of the child with seat belts. The child is held by the built-in belts.

This protection is considered to be the most reliable, serious injury is unlikely, possibly a minor injury if a serious fall.

The basic rules for choosing a bicycle seat

When choosing a bicycle seat, you need to pay attention not only to the brand and price of the product, but also to details that will ensure the comfort and safety of the passenger.

• The first thing to look at is a high level of protection – the smaller a child is, the safer the security system;

• Soft gasket on the seat;

• Notch for protective helmet;

• Footrest;

• Light reflectors for walking in the evening or cloudy weather.

When choosing a seat, it is better to choose items with anatomical forms, high back, side curtains and soft inner liners, then a ride with a young cyclist will be as safe as possible and will not cause discomfort.

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