Rectangular Vs Round Trampolines – What’s in the Shape?


There are two common trampoline shapes – Round and Rectangular. Deciding on what shape to buy can be tough and confusing. People often doubt the best shape they should go for. Here are the most three important features people should consider. These features will help in making an informed decision before purchase.

Bounce Height

Round trampolines give a soft low bounce compared to Rectangular trampolines. They are perfect for small jumpers like young children. The low bounce is consindered safe for kids. This protects them from injuries that may occur due to soaring too high. Rectangular trampolines offer a higher bounce, almost equal height and power. They are good for adults. The difference in bounce height is brought about by how the kinetic energy is spread through-out the springs.

Weight limit

This is an important feature to consider when purchasing a trampoline, select a shape that can handle the weight specifications you have in mind. Round trampolines can handle a maximum of 250 pounds. Rectangular trampolines handle a maximum of 450 pounds. Round trampolines are perfect for fun and recreational purposes. Rectangular trampolines are ideal for gymnasts.


Round trampolines are more cost effective because they are cheaper to make. No additional care is needed during construction. The materials used for construction are lighter and cost-effective. Rectangular trampolines require intensive labor. Strong construction materials are used. This translates to a higher price.

Frame thickness

Because of the uneven weight, rectangle trampolines are made of thicker steel frame unlike round trampolines. The long straight lines require robust thick frame tubing. They also require more springs and extra reinforcements. They are made in a way they can safely handle a high jump force. Round trampolines are made of lesser steel tubing and less springs. Rather than the weight limitations, the engineering behind is that circles have greater strength than rectangles.

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