How to Encourage Your Child’s Love of Science

Think of the world as a giant laboratory for everyone to explore. Science affects our daily lives, from weather to technology. Sometimes, children struggle to see the connection between what they learn in science class and their everyday lives. Here are four ways to promote a love of science outside of the classroom.

Explore Together

Science can be observed everywhere. Incorporate science into the discussion by asking open-ended questions. For example, ask your child why do they think snow falls in the winter instead of the summer. Allow them to think through questions and explain their reasoning. In order to take it further, conduct child-friendly at home experiments. Many experiments can be done with items easily found in the home or supermarket. Is your child interested in computers and video games? There are free websites and resources out there to teach your child about coding.

Talk about Careers in Science

Almost every career involves science or skills used in science (problem-solving, decision-making). Introduce your child to different careers in science and technology. You can use your local library for books about these careers or use videos online to learn more. Think about your own job and explain to your child how you use science daily.

Provide Science-Related Toys

Science can be tied into playtime as well. Provide your child with open-ended toys that allow for imaginative play, such as magnetic tiles or building sets. The toys do not need to be expensive either. Give your child recyclable materials from the house so they can build a rocket ship. The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, there can be toys and books about science that are aimed at boys rather than both boys and girls. Use this as a talking point with your daughter that science is meant for everyone.

Keep On Exploring

Your child will not decide one morning that they want to become an astronaut or a chemical engineer. A love for science comes from years of exposure and a positive attitude. Encourage your child to explore, be imaginative, and to try new things. Give them opportunities to use their problem-solving skills.


A love of science is done through never-ending exploration and curiosity about the world around you. Skills in science are used in everyday life and push people further in their careers. Use these four strategies to support a love of science in your child.

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